Canadian Real Estate Investments Education


Step-By-Step Techniques and Creative Strategies on Buying Profit
Producing Real Estate in Canada with LITTLE or NO MONEY DOWN.

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Some topics that will be covered:

  • Basic Real Estate terms and concepts;
  • Who do you need on your team or can you do it all by yourself;
  • How to Find & Negotiate No Money Down Real Estate;
  • How to Evaluate Real Estate Deals before making commitments;
  • When to Buy and when to Sell;
  • How to Structure No Money Down Transactions;
  • How To Structure Deals without Bank Financing if you don’t qualify;
  • How to find good tenants;
  • How to sell property for top price;
  • What to watch for; The most common real estate investor mistakes;
  • Myths about nothing-down purchases;
  • Examples of risky ways to try to purchase real estate with little or no money down;
  • Common real-estate-investment misconceptions;
  • How to protect yourself from potential risks;


Sign Up Now for our No Money Down Newsletter

Get automatically included in all our upcoming events.